The premiere RPA software automation platform!

Automate the routine with G1ANT, an enterprise-grade robotics process automation suite.


These leading enterprises fully trust us and use G1ANT to process data:

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Our automation platform

Introducing G1ANT, the new-level RPA platform for enterprise and large-scale uses! It combines advanced extensibility, high performance, and world-class support to offer you a rock-solid base for business automation. Build highly efficient and automated end-to-end business processes.

G1ANT differs from other RPA software platforms in our approach: where others focus on visual editors, Cloud solutions, and consultancy, we offer a platform that is open, transparent, secure, and easy to deploy on your own.
Writing and looking at code in G1ANT means that you always know what automation does with your data. If any errors or performance bottlenecks arise, the tool never gives you a generic “error” message – we highlight the exact line and tell you exactly what went wrong and how to improve your automation.

With support for Java, Python, C#, and common programming languages, G1ANT can be picked up and implemented by any IT staff, without needing specialty certifications or training. Our code is object-oriented, a primary IT paradigm crucial for programmers.
It guarantees a modular build, stability, and high performance.

G1ANT is open-source, with all of its code audited and deemed appropriate even for high-risk data (banking, insurance, military, health). We are featuring an innovative automation language, fantastic documentation, and support for every single desktop or web applications.

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Premiere enterprise-grade RPA software suite for advanced task automation.
Don’t build colossal custom, monolithic platforms – connect all your existing and future data points and processes using G1ANT to save time and money.

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G1ANT is an RPA software platform, a tool for automating your work. It differs from Zapier and other off-the-shelf automation solutions in that it allows you to integrate literally and web and desktop apps, with no limitations, and much higher performance and security.

The total price depends on the number of automations and servers you wish to support. G1ANT starts at a measly £100 per month, with unlimited updates and support for every valid license, and even in higher pricing tiers always is the most cost-effective RPA software platform on the market. It also doesn’t require any purchases of consulting or training services.

G1ANT runs on Windows and Windows Server. Automations can be written in our custom quick-write programming language (GPL), Java, Python, and C#. Data can be extracted and inserted into a plethora of systems, including all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE) SalesForce, Sage, ERP, SAP, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Power Bi, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and Adobe solutions and virtually anything else, including your internal, custom software and scripts.

Shoot us an e-mail at support@g1ant.com, and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours! We will show you how to use the tool and help set it up.

The easiest RPA tool

G1ANT doesn’t disrupt your workflows, integrates with all existing tools, and doesn’t require any consultancy or custom training!


G1ANT can be set up once and work almost indefinitely with minimal upkeep. Any problems you will be automatically notified about, so relax and enjoy the time G1ANT works for you.


G1ANT’s automation is effortless to grasp and mimic human operations – only faster and more precisely. Your existing business processes can be mapped right away, with no adjustments needed.


G1ANT is the most secure and auditable RPA tool on the market – open-source code and automation, no telemetry, run entirely offline on-premise. Even the most sensitive data is handled without risk, hence why many banks and insurance companies trust G1ANT.


G1ANT is one of the cheapest RPA tools on the market, AND it does not require consultancy, custom development, or training. Your existing IT staff can work with it right away in programming languages they are familiar with, making the implementation smooth and cost-effective.

Loved by IT

G1ANT is the tool preferred by IT teams and CTOs. Full security, open-source code, support for a plethora of programming languages (including Java, Python, C#), easy API integrations, OCR, and AI tip the scales in our favor.

World-class support

We offer extensive and up-to-date documentation, as well as 12-hour support in both EU and US time zones. Our RPA developers are happy to help you set up the automation, and with complex integrations, we offer a selection of certified partners in over 50 countries and 800 cities!


What possibilities does our automation software platform offer?

Implementation results (based on Gartner and McKinsey reports):


Increased ROI.


$ saved monthly.


Hours saved monthly.

G1ANT Enterprise Orchestrator

For particularly large-scale applications and deployments, we offer a particular Enterprise version of the software.
The Enterprise edition has built-in integrations for Google Docs, Internet Explorer, MS Office, Google OCR, Selenium, IBM Watson, and Java.
These are pre-configured and fully supported (as opposed to installing addons on your own).
G1ANT Enterprise also features an Orchestrator module – a unique admin dashboard for managing and deploying multiple automations at a time.
This is particularly useful at scale, where system administrators and DevOps engineers can quickly and easily manage even hundreds of servers with thousands of users from a single remote screen. No need to connect to each server separately!


No-code recorders module

G1ANT features a module that allows you to basically hit Record, do what the end robot is supposed to do yourself (just once!) and press stop. That’s it, you have just trained a robotic worker and created one that is ready for deployment! It is possible to record just your mouse or keyboard, and for keyboard operations specifically to choose if you wish to record each keystroke individually (like for application shortcuts) or as whole sentences (great for typing). Some add-ons add recorders dedicated for a specific application type, such as Microsoft Dynamics or Citrix XenApps.


Case studies

Automation examples and real-world use cases from our customers, partners, and Evangelists.

Video tutorials

Up-to-date video and text tutorials and a variety of topics. Need a walkthrough of something in particular? Let us know at support@giant.com!

The G1ANT company

Founded in 2015 in London, G1ANT is the fastest-growing RPA software platform on the market.

5 years

On the market.


Deployed robots.

5 mil+

Lines of code written.

Join us

G1ANT is a London-founded software development company covering the advanced business automation RPA market. Our tool helps companies create virtual “robots” / “workers” that perform menial tasks faster and cheaper than human labor. By offloading the burden from employees, we make room for new initiatives and creativity in over 1500 enterprises all over the world.

Become a G1ANT

We’re always on the lookout for passionate specialists looking for a project they will love working on. We work in agile Scrum methodology, using the latest and greatest in Azure DevOps. We offer you a chance to improve and expand your skills, unlimited remote work, centrally located offices, and working alongside senior programmers with over 20 years of commercial experience. You will have a direct impact on what tools and processes we use.


Our partners

G1ANT is offered and supported by over 90 companies worldwide, covering 800 cities in 50 countries!

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call us at 020 3318 4951 (London office) or 22 185 5583 (Warsaw office).

Offices and partners

Our extensive network of partners offers a great way to ask questions in your own time zone and language. They also offer on-site help.